Discover, analyse, and automate the processes and rules driving your business

We are a London-based boutique IT consulting company providing specialised IT services to our UK and US clients.  Our integrated approach helps you navigate complex processes and data and find and implement customised solutions.  Our expertise covers process automation, artificial intelligence (AI), business intelligence (BI), data analytics, and predictive analytics.  We have a particular specialism in using Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) to automate complex processes involving business rules and policy, and both UiPath and Automation Anywhere for robotic process automation (RPA).  We also focus on cyber security, including data protection and GDPR, performing security audits, and transitioning to a secure Cloud infrastructure.  Our services cover the full software development lifecycle, from business analysis and design, through to implementation, testing, and maintenance.  Our mission is to enable our clients to run effective business practices.